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Brad Childress!

According to this article, the Cleveland Browns have hired Brad Childress as the new Offensive Coordinator. I haven’t done too much research into whether or not this is a good move. I know that he wasn’t overly successful as

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Mavs Win!

So, first off, I haven’t watched hardly any NBA basketball all season – not because I am a Cavs fan and I’m mad about LeBron leaving, but more-so because I’m just not that big a basketball fan. But, I tuned

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The Shurminator!

+    =   ??? This is old news for most Brown’s fans, but Pat Shurmur is now the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. I love the nickname “Shurminator”. Much better than “Mangina”. More manly, you know? I don’t

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My name is Goffzilla. I'm a dad to a beautiful toddler girl, handsome baby boy and a crazy cat, a husband to an amazing woman, and a home-brewer, music lover and technology nut. This is my life, and I'm loving every minute of it.

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