Brad Childress!

According to this article, the Cleveland Browns have hired Brad Childress as the new Offensive Coordinator. I haven’t done too much research into whether or not this is a good move. I know that he wasn’t overly successful as a head coach in Minnesota, but that he took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl as an OC.

I DO know that Shurmur was an utter failure as a head coach/offensive coordinator this past season, so I believe this move is a move in the right direction.

Pro-Football-Reference has a great little summary of his coaching record. While at Philadelphia, the offense seemed to be ranked near the top every year in every category, which I think is much better than where the Browns have been in recent years. While doing double duty (at Minnesota), it seemed his offensive ranks suffered. So hopefully just handling the OC duties will allow him to focus and improve on a pretty pathetic Cleveland Browns offense.

What do you Browns Fans think of the hire?

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