Overdue at the Zoo

With Christine being almost 42 weeks, we are running out of things to do in order to keep her mind off of not being in labor. Recently, it has become more and more difficult to have to tell people why she is overdue and we haven’t induced yet. And, we are basically looking at ways to avoid people or situations where we would have to explain our decision.

We’ve also tried everything that was “Christine-approved” in order to naturally induce. And nothing has worked. So, for us, the baby is just not ready to make her appearance. She’ll be fashionably late, which is okay! And, I think we’ve just stopped trying to take over the process from God and have decided to hand him back the reins (like we ever really held them anyway).

Now, most of the ways we have tried to keep our minds off of everything was to take walks, watch movies, clean, yardwork or sleep. But, we’ve been doing a lot of that lately and wanted a change. So, as we were watching some TV this morning, Christine looks at me and goes, “So, do you want to go to the zoo?”. To which I got this huge puppy-dog grin on my face and exclaimed, “YES! Yes, I do!”

Now, I know Christine suggested the zoo not because she wanted to go to the zoo or because I’ve been wanting to go for a couple years now, but because she wanted to pick a place to walk and walk and walk, but still be mildly entertained. Either way, it was going to be a fun date for the two of us. And who knows? Maybe all that walking would start her labor.

We had a great time. We saw a lot of animals and most of the cages and sanctuaries (or whatever you want to call them) had animals that were active and moving, not just sleeping or hiding. So, that was cool.

Here are some of the pics I got from my phone today:

So, our favorite animals of the day were the black-footed cats and the orangutans. The orangutan habitat had two cheeseballs that loved to ham it up for the park visitors. One kept hanging and swinging around the cage holding on to a burlap sack. The other looked like the baby of the group and kept laying around in a big plastic tub and was rolling with or without it and doing somersaults all over the place. At one point he was hanging by his feet upside down right in front of everyone, it was hilarious!

We had a great time and it helped to get our mind off of labor and onto just enjoying our time together.

Now we just need to have that baby!

When was the last time you went to the zoo? And what are your favorite animal(s) to see when you go?



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