37 Weeks, Baby!

We made it to full term! Christine is now at 37 weeks, which means our baby girl could arrive at any time. And that also means that my Daddy To Do List is getting incredibly long.

This past weekend we had 1 of our annual neighborhood garage sales. I say “1 of”, because for some reason somewhere along the way, 2 different groups of people decided to break up our awesome annual entire neighborhood garage sale weekend into their own “events”. Either way, I was determined to sell our crap to the highest bidder in order to fund our “baby supplies fund”. We’ll probably take part in the second one, too.

I sold: a coffee maker with built-in bean grinder, some scrapbooking storage things, a set of lamps, a blender, a saxophone CD stand (it was 5ft tall and was made out of metal and shaped like a large saxophone – sold it to a private music teacher in the area), about 30-40 DVDs, and some other odds and ends. All in all, we made a little over $200! And then I bought a little tykes picnic table  from the neighbor that folds up flat for $15. So, I definitely worked it.

After that Saturday, Christine and I decided it was time to head up to Target and Babies R Us and return some things and buy all of the “necessities” before Baby Goff arrives. We spent about 4 hours between the two stores getting all of the items on our registries that we still felt we needed, but, it needed to be done and now I think we both feel like “Okay, the baby can come now.”

Yesterday, we headed into Vermilion so that I could sing at my church in Vermilion and then work on cleaning up my grandmother’s yard and mulch and de-weed her planting beds. I have a love/hate relationship with mulching. It smells, is heavy, stains my clothes and my work gloves, and almost always there is additional work in the planting beds that must be done before you even get to lay the stuff down. But I really love the way a planting bed looks all mulched and cleaned up. I forgot to take “before” pictures, but here is what my grandma’s front bed looked like after my Dad and I got done:

The stone with the writing says “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” It was given to my grandma after my granddad died back in 1989. She had it in the backyard, and my Dad and I thought that it would be nice if it were moved out front so that she could enjoy it more.

So, I feel good about how it looks now and I think my grandma will like it.

After 6 hours there, I went over to my brother-in-law’s to help him assemble a kid’s playset – complete with drawbridge, swings, climbing wall and raised platform – the works. This thing was AWESOME! But, it also came in about 6000 pieces. I could only stay for about an hour, so I helped to put together a set of steps for the drawbridge – backwards. We eventually figured it out, but then it was time for me to leave. I think he’s still got a ways to go on it, so I think I’ll be heading back in this coming weekend to help him a bit more. We’ll see how Christine feels. Who knows – the baby could have other plans!

So, busy weekend for the Goff’s, but worth it to see family and help out a bit.

Any weekend plans of your own? How about any awesome garage sale finds you care to brag about?

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One comment on “37 Weeks, Baby!
  1. Arianna says:

    Wow, what a busy but exciting weekend!! Can’t hardly wait for that phone call or text that she is on her way! Love you guys!

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