9-Weeks Update

Just a quick update on baby and mom:

We are 9 weeks along and everything is going well! No morning sickness (or afternoon or evening for that matter), which I am thankful for. Christine is pretty rock solid in terms of that anyway (actually, she is rock solid on everything), so I wasn’t concerned, but nonetheless it’s still a positive that she isn’t having those issues.

The doctor’s appointment was quick and uneventful. No issues, no questions. I still haven’t met the midwife and I’ve been super focused on getting any random items around the house sold on Craigslist that I haven’t really taken the time to think of any questions that I want answered, so it was what we expected this appointment to be like.

The baby is the size of a GRAPE! We’re getting bigger, people! Friends and family have told me that in the coming weeks the baby will grow VERY fast. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures and to start singing to the little guy/girl. I would like to record a CD of ballads and lullabies, so that is in the works as well. Any Moms out there have any ideas on particular songs that have worked well?

Christine’s mood swings are in full force, which has made previously “no big deal” conversations go completely opposite how I thought they would. Oh, and avoid watching any movies that have babies in them, especially Life As We Know It. Wow, did that movie ever turn on the waterworks! I thought it was cute and funny and a good date-ish movie, but, it definitely spurred a conversation I didn’t think we would be having any time soon.

Baby Fund has infused a good amount of money into our bank account so far! Keep buying stuff, people! More items will be added in the coming days, including a TON of DVDs.

We’re planning on buying a new vacuum cleaner this weekend – the Dyson DC28 Animal. Our old pet vacuum cleaner is about cashed out and all I’ve read are good things about it. Any of my 3 readers out there have any experience with this particular vacuum and care to share?


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4 comments on “9-Weeks Update
  1. jaime says:

    My kids favorites as babies were baby mine, bushel and a peck, and you are my sunshine. grady and i still sing you are my sunshine every night before bed

  2. kimi says:

    I watched Marley & Me for the first time while preggo. WORST. IDEA. EVER. I was like hyperventilating crying. Not good.

  3. Arianna says:

    Dyson’s are AMAZING. Like, uh-maaa-ZING!!

    Posts about grape-sized baby Goff’s make me happy.


  4. Balski says:

    If you give birth to a grape, it will be a very wine-y baby! Hahahahahaha

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