Double Space Your Face!

Okay, not sure how old this news is, but, I guess you’re not supposed to put 2 spaces after a period when you start a new sentence. Well, that’s CRAP. I like to think that I am pretty good at grammar and spelling and writing coherent sentences, and I remember being brought up to put 2 spaces when you start a sentence. Now, I have to learn a whole new process and it is KILLING me and really slowing down my productivity (as is this blog, but I digress). As I write this, I am going back to my previous sentences to delete the “extra” space. Ugh.

Here’s a good explanation as to why: GrammarGirl

And here’s a pretty wordy rant: King Farquaad

Did I just blow your mind with this?

“You can’t triple space a double space!?”

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One comment on “Double Space Your Face!
  1. kimi says:

    I am a longtime supporter of the single space! Wooooo!

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