40 in 40 – Yeah, buddy!

So, I haven’t written in a while. Sorry, got a baby now. 🙂

But, I thought I’d jump on here and write about my newest goal – to lose 40lbs in 40 weeks. I know what you are thinking – that’s a lot of weight to lose! You’re right! I’m a fat ass and I need to get my ell-bees down to an acceptable range.

I’m tired of feeling bloated and gross. And I’m worried I’ll have a heart attack before I’m 40. (That’s a lot of 40’s in this post…)

And I want to be able to run around with my daughter when she begins to become mobile without feeling like I just took a shower with my clothes on.

You’re welcome for that visual.

So, I’m on a mission. Eat acceptable portion sizes, get out and get active a few times a week, drink more water, drink less beer, eat less fast food – my goal is fast food no more than once a week – and get in shape.

I feel good so far – down 4 lbs in 4 weeks, so I’m on track! It helps that Christine wants to lose a bit of baby fat too, so we are motivating each other and it is awesome. She always has looked great and so it has been hard for me to lose in the past because she never had to worry about losing weight, so the treats and home-cooked meals kept coming and I just couldn’t help myself. But now, we are helping each other. Treats are still allowed, but in moderation.

I’m not looking to go crazy here. I’m not looking to cut out a bunch of food that I love or run 12 miles every day. I know that lifestyle isn’t realistic, sustainable, or even remotely possible for me and my schedule. So, I’m concentrating on what I can control – light exercise to keep my heart pumping, shrinking my portion sizes, and being smart with what I eat. Making better and healthier choices will help me make a lifestyle change that is possible.

My 40th week is Sunday, June 9th, 2013. That is just about the time that Christine is off for summer vacation, so I think it only fair that I take her on a week vacation to someplace warm to show off our new bods. But only if I hit my goal.

I’ve also added a tracker from MyFitnessPal to the site to keep me honest. It is a great site that actually allows you to search for foods and it has a huge database of calories, carbs, fat, etc for each of the foods. It is awesome!

So, below you will see my “Before” picture. In 36 weeks, I’ll show you my “After” picture.



What do you think? Who else wants to take the 40-week challenge with me? Let’s get healthy, friends! Yeah! (enter fist pump into the air here)

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One comment on “40 in 40 – Yeah, buddy!
  1. Arianna says:

    Go Mike Go!! Good for you guys, we are here for you! I bet Matt would do that before and after part with you. He has been going strong about 4 weeks now too. 🙂

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