Day 4

Rant: I don’t really understand why the first thing people say to you when you tell them you are having a baby is to “get your sleep now (snicker snicker snicker)!”. I mean, we understood when we got pregnant that a newborn doesn’t sleep like an adult. But also, I don’t think sleep works like that. You can’t bank it – at least I can’t. I could sleep for 24 hours straight and when I woke up the next day, I’d still be tired that following night and want to sleep.

Rant over.

Today is Sunday, I think. Which means that Evelyn has been with us for 4 days. I’m not sure. I mean, she was born at 9pm, so that only left about 3 hours in that day, so is that day 1? Or, do you start with the first full day? Either way, my days and nights are getting all jumbled together. Which is fine, but I know I have a couple things to do for work soon because it’s the end of the month and the start of a new month, so run rates and budgets and ad copy and keyword lists need to be checked and set. I am on vacation, right?

I can’t complain at all about Evelyn and Christine. I think Christine and I are really starting to get into a groove. We work well together – she feeds the babe, then cuddles her to sleep, I take her when she’s asleep and get to hold her while she loves on me and snuggles up at my face. After a bit, I change a hopefully wet diaper, she cries a bit, I make funny faces, she stops, then she goes back to sleep and we take adorable pictures. It’s actually pretty fun.

In terms of sleep (hence my rant above), we haven’t really had too many issues. The past 2 nights at home have been pretty good. Evelyn sleeps from about 6pm until 10pm or so, she wakes up to feed, then she’s UP. I mean, UP – wide awake, wants to look at everything around her, UP. So, I let Christine get some sleep while I walk her around the house, bouncing her and rocking her and cuddling her so she’ll relax and go back to sleep. That usually takes an hour or so and is the busiest we usually are with her throughout a 24 hour period. Once she is asleep, she may wake up at 1am or so to feed again, diaper change, then she’s back to sleep until 5am. Same deal – feeding, diaper change, sleep, until about 7am, (which is actually sleeping in for me) then we bring her downstairs and she sleeps some more after another feeding.

I understand that this is probably unusual, and that she will probably change her sleeping habits a lot over the next weeks and months, but I’m grateful that Christine has been able to sleep longer because I think it does some good for her body to heal. She doesn’t really take breaks when she is awake, and always seems to want to clean something or put something away, and doesn’t listen when I tell her to sit down and relax. So, sleep is best for her.

Either way, the Goff household is doing well. We are looking forward to showing her off to friends and family over the next couple weeks. So, stop on by! (But call first, please.)

Here’s a pic of our little angel from this morning:

“Hey Dad, I just tooted or peed my diaper!”

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2 comments on “Day 4
  1. Dottie Presutto says:

    Darling picture of Evelyn! Mike , you are such a wonderful writer! I have enjoyed reading your blog and lokk froward to reading more , amd more. I love how you are very concerned about Christine getting her rest. You are awesome!

  2. Arianna says:

    I second Dottie, both Matt and I were talking about that this morning after we read your. Log together. You are such a wonderful new daddy for Evelyn, but you always put Christine before yourself. You always have and always we, and we so admire that about you. Don’t see that too often. :). ❤

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