Movember 2011!

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The time to get Goffzilla to make a fool of himself. (You’re all probably like, “So, what’s new?”)

This month, normally titled, “Goffzilla’s Birthday Month, a.k.a. November” is now “Movember” – the month I grow a ridiculous mustache in order to raise money for research into the cure for prostate cancer and other male cancers.

My company, Fathom Online Marketing, has started a team, and I need your help. I need to raise a ton of money and be named “King of Movember”. It is very important. It will open doors to unfathomable opportunities of untold wealth and prestige. (Not true).

But, it is important. Because prostate cancer is not a joke. In 2011 alone, there were 240,890 new cases of prostate cancer (my grandfather being one of them) and 33,720 deaths. About 1 out of every 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, and more than 2 million men in the US alone that have been diagnosed are still alive today.

Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, second only to lung cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease and not only affects the individual, but the entire family. Please help me raise money to find a cure. You can donate directly on my Movember Page.

If you want more information on Prostate Cancer, or any other cancer, check out the National Cancer Institute or

Now, for the most important question: What type of mustache should I grow? Any and all kinds will be considered.

A signed and framed 8×10 picture of my mustache to the person whose mustache type I choose.

What about some of these:










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My name is Goffzilla. I'm a dad to a beautiful toddler girl, handsome baby boy and a crazy cat, a husband to an amazing woman, and a home-brewer, music lover and technology nut. This is my life, and I'm loving every minute of it.

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