X-Men: First Class Movie Review


A movie about humans with special powers that kick ass? Yes, please. A story about friendship and overcoming adversity and hatred for being who you are? Sounds good!

The unofficial reboot of the X-Men franchise is well underway and I believe does a great job of incorporating a younger cast that can grow and build this franchise for years to come. I loved the first 3 X-Men movies (for the most part), and was incredibly excited to see this movie. I grew up watching the X-Men cartoons on Saturday morning, so for me, this was somewhat a nostalgic event.

And let’s be frank here. I didn’t go to see X-Men expecting an Academy Award-winning movie with big-name actors and actresses and hope to glean some type of deep meaning from the undertones of the plot. I went to see a movie about mutants who blow things up and fly and change colors and teleport. Mission accomplished.

I do hope it continues to get strong ratings on Rotten Tomatoes because I would like to see this trilogy to its conclusion. And then another 100.

Director, Matthew Vaughn, did a great job of assembling a strong cast here and each person fit their characters very well. But, every time I saw Kevin Bacon on the screen I kept wanting him to scream, “they asked me to stir the damned tanks, and I stirred the tanks!”. Or, I kept thinking how all of these younger actors and actresses can now play the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

All kidding aside, this movie was very entertaining and I loved Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James McAvoy as Xavier. To me, the story behind their initial friendship and their widely differing backgrounds and views on how mutants can co-mingle in society is central to the entire theme behind the X-Men story, and I thought they pulled it off brilliantly. Well done, my good sirs!

Anyone else seen this movie yet? What did you think?

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