New Facebook Fan Page!

Hey everyone!

It has been a long night of working on my blog, trying to understand how to sync everything together and make it so I can stay in contact with everyone much easier, as well as to get my posts out to more people and generate more traffic to my blog.

So, Like Me on Facebook, Follow Me on Twitter, Subscribe to my YouTube Page, and check out my Google Reader share page.

And please, comment on my blog and let me know what other changes I can make to my website to make it more dynamic!

Have a great night everyone!

PS…go to and sign up – then friend me!

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My name is Goffzilla. I'm a dad to a beautiful toddler girl, handsome baby boy and a crazy cat, a husband to an amazing woman, and a home-brewer, music lover and technology nut. This is my life, and I'm loving every minute of it.

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