Oh man! I apologize for not posting for a while now. Mr. and Mrs. Goffzilla have been pretty busy with things.

As I’m sure most of you know (since all of my readers are basically people I interact with on a daily basis), my wife and I suffered a pretty traumatic experience about 2 months ago. We had a miscarriage of our first child. And, since this blog was to chronicle the transformation of married guy to new father, it felt kinda pointless for me to continue blogging.

It has been extremely difficult to talk about and to come to grips with, but, thanks to an amazing network of friends and family and church, my wife and I are in a good place now.

I have run through the gamut of feelings from anger to frustration to confusion to sadness to acceptance…back to anger and confusion, then sadness and acceptance…and back to anger and confusion again. (sidenote: I consider myself a “fixer” — and I just can’t fix this, no matter how hard I try, and it drives me crazy.)

One of the things that has really helped me get through all of this is that I know that my wife and I are not alone. And we are not the only ones that have been affected by a miscarriage. And, somehow, in that awful fact, I find comfort.

The most important thing to me right now is that my wife heals, both physically and emotionally. As horrible as it was for me to be there with my wife for every second of this ordeal, it had to be 1 bazillion-million-gajillion times worse for her.

But, I’ve been asked by a few people (and for this blog, that is A LOT) why I haven’t posted anything new in a while. And I got to thinking…why shouldn’t I still blog? In a few months, my wife and I are going to start to try for kids again and this whole thing will get started all over again.

So, I’m back — get ready, folks.

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2 comments on “Sabbatical?
  1. kimi says:

    glad you are back! i understand the sabbatical but hopefully you can find an outlet in blogging as so many people do. love you guys!

  2. John valvoda says:

    We had twins and lost one of them 5 days old. I can only tell you that: 1. Most people don’t know what to say and often it comes out awkward and even hurting – but their intentions are good. they just don’t know what to say. 2. You nailed it – sadly this is not that uncommon and you learn that, not only with children, everyone in this life experiences tragedies and we do not get to choose what they are. 3. Turn to God not away from him and your love in each other will be greater and you will have new relationship with God as well.

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